Katie Janik is the founding principal of Garnet 3 Consulting, providing advisory and supplemental services in asset management to renewable energy companies and investors. 

Katie has developed an appreciation for and greater insight into the clean energy industry through her in-depth experience with monitoring various project technologies, including solar PV, solar thermal, wind, geothermal, flywheel energy storage, and nuclear power generation for small and large utility, commercial and industrial, and residential projects. She has also worked directly with many high-profile players such as major banks, large developers, and asset owners throughout the industry. 


The gemstone GARNET represents order, vitality and regeneration. These characteristics reflect the impact we have with our clients and the renewable energy industry. We bring order and vitality to renewable energy projects by allowing stakeholders to see how their investments are performing, thereby encouraging additional investment in the renewable energy industry.

Regeneration is reflective of the impact we have on existing asset management groups. G3 offers both a direct design and implementation option as well as a step-by-step advising process and toolkit to help clients establish and improve their asset management capabilities. From Asset Management 101 through risk identification, monitoring and reporting, to establishing processes and procedures, designing and sourcing information management systems, G3 provides all the asset management expertise you need to protect and maximize the returns on your renewable energy portfolio.

All photography provided by Jared Chambers