Garnet 3 Consulting's (G3) objective is to work collaboratively with clients to provide a cost effective, proactive, risk-based approach to monitor projects successfully and maximize returns to stakeholders.


Establish and implement a framework for portfolio management or O&M 

Identify and implement performance data metrics for tracking

Establish reporting processes and templates

Develop and use the most efficient tools and trackers

Draft policies and procedures

Design information management systems

G3 Training program elements:

How to establish a monitoring plan, playbook, predictive maintenance plan

How to identify and track financial and technical performance metrics

How to select risk factors and conduct risk analysis

How to identify reporting needs and establish reporting processes

Information Management Systems

With a well designed information management system, clients can reduce data integrity risk, increase data quality control, more easily track performance metrics for stakeholders, generate reports, and manage business processes.

Identify systems to meet client needs

Design workflow automation and business processes

Facilitate system integration

Demonstrate capabilities and best use practices